How to include more blackberries in your diet

Blackberries for a Healthy Breakfast

You can easily include blackberries as a part of any healthy diet. A popular method is to consume blackberries with your breakfast.

Blackberry Diet

You can also include them as part of a fruit salad with plain or Greek yogurt. Alternatively, you can add blackberries to cereals, including porridge.

Fruit Smoothies

Another simple way to include blackberries into a diet is with fruit smoothies.

Blackberries work well in smoothies with other berries, such as blueberries or raspberries, or with apples. Adding protein powder and oats can increase the nutritional content and help a person feel fuller for longer.

Blackberry Desserts

Blackberries also work well in desserts, such as apple and blackberry pie or crumble. Desserts, however, often contain high levels of sugar, which may detract from some of the health benefits associated with blackberries.

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